Tailored and seamless scientific and legal strategic guidance from molecule to market

Acting as advisor, strategist and problem solver, our scientific team works closely with our clients to produce hard data to convincingly support product claims, always keeping the strategic objectives of registration and marketing in view. In addition to medical and regulatory expertise, we have a body of scientific knowledge that encompasses molecular biology, virology, toxicology, toxicokinetics, manufacturing and QA, non-clinical and clinical pharmacology. Each Triskel team member contributes specific skills that strengthen the overall project for the benefit of our clients.
We offer tailored and seamless strategic guidance for drug development. Our uniquely integrated services range from the individual design and management of non-clinical and clinical development plans, technology platform assessment, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Quality Assurance (QA) reviews through to international registration and reimbursement.
We are a flexible and fast moving group.

Overall development

When Triskel partners with a new client early in the development phase, our first step is usually to create a written strategic development plan that integrates US and EU development milestones.
The scope and detail of the strategic development plan is dictated by the client; it is a living document  that evolves along with the project.
It usually includes a competitive review of the therapeutic area, including a strategic analysis of risks and choices in the full clinical development programme leading to registration, along with plans for product manufacturing from pilot product to industrial scale-up, plans for non-clinical and clinical developments, Gantt chart and cost estimates from CMOs and CROs. It is a road map for the development and the international registration of the product.